Prius Photo Album #204

Last Updated: Sat. 2/19/2022

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Sometimes it snows while the Prius PHV is plugged in to recharge  (Mon. 1/09/2017):



A picturesque stop along the road on the way to see Devil's Tower  (Mon. 1/16/2017):

Prius-PHV_DevilsTower_14 Prius-PHV_DevilsTower_15 Prius-PHV_DevilsTower_16


An entire queen size air-bed & frame, along with some other stuff  (Sat. 2/25/2017):



Time for a test-drive and my first recharge with a Prius Prime  (Mon. 2/27/2017):



Have you ever seen the hidden storage space or the battery-pack  (Sun. 3/05/2017):

Prius-PHV_HiddenStorage_01 Prius-PHV_BatteryPack_01  


Got to see my 2017 Prius Prime Advanced the day before delivery  (Fri. 3/31/2017):

Prius-Prime_Pre-Delivery_01 Prius-Prime_Pre-Delivery_02 Prius-Prime_Pre-Delivery_03


Took delivery yesterday, road trip to the river valley the next day  (Sun. 4/02/2017):

Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_01 Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_02 Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_03


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