Prius Photo Album #205

Last Updated: Sat. 2/19/2022

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Removed the fascia in rear of my new Prime to install a receiver-hitch  (Sat. 4/01/2017):

Prius-Prime_Receiver-Hitch_01 Prius-Prime_Receiver-Hitch_02 Prius-Prime_Receiver-Hitch_03


Bolted in that new receiver-hitch behind where the bumper is connected   (Sat. 4/01/2017):

Prius-Prime_Receiver-Hitch_04 Prius-Prime_Receiver-Hitch_05 Prius-Prime_Receiver-Hitch_06


Perfect timing to be driving by such a scenic location, with my camera  (Tues. 4/04/2017):

Prius-Prime_Sunset_03 Prius-Prime_Sunset_01 Prius-Prime_Sunset_02


I had an opportunity to try out the new receiver-hitch with a bike & rack  (Sat. 4/08/2017):

Prius-Prime_Bike-Rack_01 Prius-Prime_Bike-Rack_02 Prius-Prime_Bike-Rack_03


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