Prius Photo Album #206

Last Updated: Sat. 11/05/2022

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A stop on our first road trip with the Prime, along the river at a park  (Sun. 4/02/2017):

Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_04 Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_05 Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_08
Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_06 Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_07 Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_09
Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_11 Prius-Prime_First-Road-Trip_10  


Results after 3 weeks of ownership, which included 2 road trips  (Mon. 4/24/2017):



This amazing photo moment with me was captured by my sister-in-law  (Mon. 5/08/2017):



As the weather warms, it is bringing increased EV driving distances   (Thurs. 5/18/2017):



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