Prius Photo Album #41

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Updating the Info-Sheet, a newer sample was needed  (Sun. 9/01/2002):



Discovered I needed samples of the Multi-Display at Half-Charge  (Mon. 9/02/2002):

PriusEnergy_StartupCharge_Half PriusEnergy_BatteryDrive_Half PriusEnergy_MotorDriveEngineCharge_Half


This location caught my eye while on the way to a digital photo shoot  (Fri. 9/27/2002):



I found this field 2 weeks ago and waited patiently for the ideal lighting  (Fri. 9/27/2002):

Prius_Fall_05 Prius_Fall_06 Prius_Fall_07
Prius_Fall_08 Prius_Fall_09 Prius_Fall_10


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