Prius Photo Album #58

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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I just detached the front tire and tossed the bike inside.  That was easy!  (Sun. 10/26/2003):



This was one of the strangest digital photo sessions I've ever had.
None of the shots from the front turned out nice enough to publish  
(Sat. 11/01/2003):

Prius_Fall_39 Prius_Fall_40 Prius_Fall_41
Prius_Fall_42 Prius_Fall_43 Prius_Fall_44
Prius_Fall_45 Prius_Fall_46 Prius_Fall_47


Ahh!  A beautiful country fall scene just moments before sunset  (Thurs. 11/06/2003):

Prius_Harvest_13 Prius_Harvest_12  


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