Prius Photo Album #85

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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The very last impressive per-tank MPG marks the end of Summer  (Fri. 9/24/2004):

PriusConsumption_CloseUp_53MPG_Blue PriusConsumption_CloseUp_53MPG_Beige  


During the dead of Winter early this year, there wasn't much snow  (Sat. 1/03/2004):

Prius_Winter_01 Prius_Winter_02 Prius_Winter_04
Prius_Winter_03 Prius_Winter_05 Prius_Winter_06
Prius_Winter_07 Prius_Winter_08 Prius_Winter_09
Prius_Winter_10 Prius_Winter_11 Prius_Winter_12


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