Prius Photo Album #86

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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I'm glad I had my digital camera to capture this bizarre Spring Storm  (Thurs. 3/25/2004):

Prius_EarlySpringStorm_01 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_03 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_02
Prius_EarlySpringStorm_04 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_05 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_06
Prius_EarlySpringStorm_08 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_07 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_09
Prius_EarlySpringStorm_11 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_10 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_12


Here's a rather interesting pattern in the 5-minute MPG segments  (Mon. 11/08/2004):

PriusConsumption_InterestingPattern_Beige PriusConsumption_InterestingPattern_Green  


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