Prius Photo Album #87

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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A different perspective of that very same Spring Storm, minutes later  (Thurs. 3/25/2004):

Prius_EarlySpringStorm_13 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_14 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_18
Prius_EarlySpringStorm_16 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_17 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_15
Prius_EarlySpringStorm_22 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_20 Prius_EarlySpringStorm_19


My favorite photo stop, along the drive up to Northern Minnesota  (Weds. 4/14/2004):

Prius_Spring_53 Prius_Spring_54 Prius_Spring_55


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