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Something BIG happened on the way to the gas station…or rather, passing it by. L.A.- based Big Imagination Group wanted to get their old gas-guzzlers off the road. So they purchased a fleet of gas/electric hybrid vehicles, expecting basic transportation. What they got was transformation.

Inspired by the ingenious technology that propels their hybrid vehicles, BIG is using its fleet to raise eco-consciousness among commuters and attract new business in the process.

BIG knew that the Toyota Prius hybrid was earth-friendly, a pleasure to drive, yet never needs to be plugged in! Moreover, it knew its hybrid fleet would reduce the group’s annual fuel consumption by over 3,000 gallons a year. But that was just the beginning.

BIG’s founder and Chief Imagination Officer, Colette Brooks, discovered that the hybrid was a perfect metaphor for BIG. “Just like our Prius hybrids, we’re innovative, efficient, eco-conscious, and responsive,” Brooks notes. “We use nimbler, more evolved solutions to get clients where they want to go. In fact, we now call our creative process, Hybrid Thinking. Hybrid Thinking fuses the concepts of imagination, efficiency and sustainability to help businesses maximize their brand potential.”

In an effort to leverage the natural relationship between BIG and the hybrid, the Imagination Group is applying the fruits of its transformation to a new client – itself .

The first elements of this transformation hit the streets this week. Designed to inspire like-minded consumers and potential clients, BIG wrapped its fleet of hybrids with compelling messages that pose the question, “So What Drives You?” These mobile brand satellites, driven by BIG ambassadors, direct rubber-neckers to, which is prominently featured on the cars.

Once at the site, visitors can experience a new web community that describes the benefits of Hybrid Thinking and stimulates progressive companies to tap into The Power of ImaginationTM, BIG’s new company credo. It also engages the fledgling hybrid vehicle community and explores other great “Big Ideas” that have changed the way we live.

BIG’s transformation is starting to pay off. Through its wrapped hybrid fleet and online initiatives, BIG is increasing its brand awareness, especially among kindred spirits. BIG recently landed two new accounts, and several current clients are excited about the prospect of incorporating similar sustainable solutions into their business practices.



Here’s how BIG is putting HYBRID THINKING to work:




By replacing its employees’ gas guzzlers with its new hybrid fleet, BIG is:



About Big Imagination Group

Born in 1987, BIG is an imagination factory that serves as a cultural compass for progressive companies. BIG specializes in creating cost effective marketing campaigns with explosive brand and sales impact. BIG’s client roster includes Shakey’s, Tenet HealthSystem, Ranch1 Restaurants and Surf City Squeeze Smoothies. Over the years, L.A. based BIG launched a variety of brands, including Paradise Tropical Teas, Zand Herbal Formulas, Pritikin Wellness Centers, Relax The Back Stores and Finlandia Furniture, to name a few.

Brooks notes, “Our current size as measured in billings is approximately $11 million. Our current size as measured in imagination is considerably larger.”


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