Prius Photo Album #222

Last Updated: Mon. 10/10/2022

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I meet my wife at the community center, where her band practices  (Tues. 8/02/2022):



It was 96°F on the trail, but I enjoyed the bike trip and got a recharge  (Fri. 8/05/2022):

Prius-Prime_AtTheBluff_03 Prius-Prime_AtTheBluff_04 Prius-Prime_AtTheBluff_05


While driving by the lake, I noticed the full moon and had to stop  (Weds. 8/10/2022):



At a family event, plugged in overnight to recharge both Prius Primes  (Sat. 8/13/2022):

Prius-Prime_Hotel_03 Prius-Prime_Hotel_01 Prius-Prime_Hotel_02


My all-day biking trip ended later than expected, well after sunset  (Mon. 9/05/2022):



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